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Welcome to our site. We are located in Red Rock, Texas. Since building and growing our Audio and Video Production company in the last 5 years, that has now become our main business here at Benizzi Ranch. We no longer have horses and ponies for sale, but please enjoy the pictures of the good old days!


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Here's is what some of the gang is up to these days

  Liam is leased & loved by Emelia

  Sugar is retired in my pasture with her best friend Sparky

Sparky is STILL a troublemaker and a pest, and he's STILL my favorite pony!

Tai is hanging out at Benizzi Ranch. We just couldn't give him up, he's too fun!

Cha Cha is continuing her training & still jumping whatever is in front of her. :)

Tango is being a love and looking for his very own kid to love him & ride him



You can see our ponies lead a rough life in Texas!


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